What has to go is white discomfort with race and our country’s racist history. Once white people are able to confront the racism in our present and in our past, then we can have a conversation. Denial is a sordid state of affairs, but it is where you’d like to stay.

Unfortunately, your idea of dealing with race is the same way my teenage son tries to deal with a spill on the floor. Throw a towel on it. No one sees it. We keep about our business. But, that milk is there, seeping into my floor and settling in. The longer it stays there, the more it rots. Soon, the smell stinks up the whole house.

We are at the point in our country where we need to pull the towel off the floor and start talking about how we are going to clean up a mess someone else did years ago. Why? Because its stinking up the country. Can’t you smell?

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Jonita Davis is a writer, film critic, and professor. She’s a member of NABJ, AAFCA, a Rotten Tomatoes critic, and an adjunct professor.

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